Tryout FAQs

What are the athlete age categories for 2019 Season of Play?

When are tryouts?

Athletes are required to attend both sessions for their age group unless other arrangements have been made. Please refer to this faq for information regarding missing a tryout session

How many and what teams will the Ducks be offering this season?

GenderAge GroupTeams Offered
Female10U - 12U4
Female17U - 18U4

What can I expect at tryouts? 

On the day of tryouts, athletes are required to check in 20 minutes prior to their tryout session and will be assigned a number. Following a brief introduction of expectations and selection criteria, our experienced coaching staff will run the athletes through various drills. Athletes will be evaluated on skills such as passing, setting, serving, blocking, defending, and attacking. Tactical and behavioral skills will also be evaluated.  Athletes 15U and older, will also be assessed position specifically (setters, middles, outside attackers). Our assessment system then ranks players based on all graded elements. The Selection Committee reviews each athlete to determine athlete ranking and placement on a team.

What is the selection process like?

The Ducks Volleyball Club has delegated the Selection Committee the authority for all decision making during the tryout process.

Selection Process

  1. The Selection Committee will oversee all tryout procedures and determine at its sole discretion the recipient(s) who will be offered a position in the program.
  2. In the event that an athlete decides not to accept a spot in the program, the Selection Committee will select the next athlete on the wait list based on ranking and/or positional ranking when applicable.
  3. Members of the Selection Committee will be removed from any discussions, ranking, and selections, should there be a conflict of interest.
  4. The Selection Committee will consist of the Head Coach of each team in that specific age group, the tryout Lead Coach, Technical Director, and 2 Executive Members.
  5. Athletes that are selected may be personally contacted during tryouts and/or phoned/emailed within 72 hours after the last tryout date to commit to a placement on the team.

Ducks Selection Criteria

Ducks Selection Criteria 10U-14U

Ducks Selection Criteria 15U-18U

What if I cannot attend my tryout?

While we recognize that families may face unexpected, or an extenuating circumstance, attendance at tryouts is mandatory for athletes wanting to be a Duck.  In the rare case that it is not possible to attend a tryout, an exemption must be requested by emailing Athletes will need request and exemption, and send a write-up and/or athletic resume highlighting their volleyball playing experience and achievements. Athletes are also required to provide either game film and/or a reference letter from a previous coach to provide support when requesting a tryout exemption.  Athletes may also request to attend a different tryout other than their own age group, as long as the requested tryout is on the same day as their official age level or before, and the tryout they are attending is similar in age and ability to their official age level.

How many positions are available on each team?


The number of positions available on each team will vary between age groups and competition levels.  Exact details will be provided at the tryout. Exact allocations will not be known until all tryouts have been completed.  Each Ducks team will carry between 10-14 athletes

How and when will athletes be notified regarding team selection and team information?

Athletes will be offered a position on a team personally at tryouts or be contacted via email and/or phone within 48-72 hours. At this point, coaches will email athletes and parents using Team Snap to provide specific information about training schedules, payment, registration night etc.  Team lists will also be posted on the Ducks homepage as soon as teams are finalized.

We ask that you do not contact us until 72 hours after the last tryout has passed. We understand this may be difficult, however we do our best to expedite the process to the best of our ability.

Delays in confirming teams are a result of having to wait for athletes commitment and signing dates, there is often movement with athlete placement and it allows the selection committee some flexibility when selecting athletes. 

Do athletes need to accept their spots immediately?

No, you may accept right away, but you don’t have to. If you need time to make some determinations, talk things through, then take that time. VBC rules indicate that you have until the end of the Signing Period to accept your position. All athletes can formally accept a position with a club on or after the “Signing Dates” identified below:

12U, 13U & 14U – November 26, 2018

15U – December 3, 2018

16U, 17U & 18U – December 10, 2018

What is the Early Signing Date?

Early Signing Date – November 1, 2018-November 15, 2018

Each season the Ducks use the Early Signing Date to pre-sign between 4-6 athletes for our 15-1, 16-1, 17-1 and 18-1 teams. Volleyball BC put the Early Signing Date in place to accommodate and promote loyalty between athletes and clubs, returning athletes are permitted to sign with their previous club during the Early Signing Date.  Athletes that choose not to sign early still can attend the tryout out as if they had not previously played for that club.  Athletes that utilize the Early Signing Date may not be required to attend tryouts.  Athletes that sign with their previous club season cannot attend selection camps for other clubs. 

Are athletes able to play up an age level?

Yes, athletes may “play up” an age level. In order to “play up”, athletes must register, pay and attend both tryouts (correct age level and higher age level). It is essential for athletes to attend both tryouts in order to ensure athletes are appropriately evaluated, as well as to provide athletes greater opportunity to be placed on a team.  Please email to communicate with the Selection Committee about your desire to “play up”.

Are athletes able to play down an age level?

Yes,  athletes born September 1 – December 31 of the previous year are permitted to “play down” one age category. Athletes that “play down” may only compete at one Regional Championship, Provincial Championship, and National Championship (all in the same age category). In order to “play down”, athletes must register, pay and attend both tryouts (correct age level and lower age level). It is essential for athletes to attend both tryouts in order to ensure athletes are appropriately evaluated, as well as to provide athletes greater opportunity to be placed on a team.  Please email to communicate with the Selection Committee about your desire to “play down”.

What are the team fees for the season and how can I pay?

Please refer to our Identified Athletes page for detailed fee and payment instructions

I heard that your teams are already preselected, why bother trying out?

Ducks teams are NOT pre-selected! Our coaches have been watching players and making lists of players who they think have potential to play for Ducks. Our selection process is transparent, and provides all athletes and opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Until we know who actually tries out for Ducks, and if offered, who chooses to play for Ducks, we don’t know which players are on teams. All athletes will receive an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities, to be selected to a Ducks team.